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Dr. Chairat Sumgorthong, aka Dr. Neung studied at the Chulalonkorn University to become a veterinarian.  He started off developing medications to be sold at local shops.  He  owned and ran as store called BAN MOR PLA 23, that sold all of his products. His establishment started in 2007.




His interactions with many fish farms gave him a lot of valuable experiences in developing the best formulas that will be most effective in treating aquatic species. He produced products for the Flowerhorn fish, which are being sold in huge volumes at the JJ Market in Thailand. He then expanded to developing medications and vitamins for Arowanas and Sting rays.  


As the years go by, his products became very popular and well known by Thai fish keepers.  It also had expanded to overseas fish hobbyists.  He then formed a company called CZ Aqua Products, which will represent his brands.  CZ Aqua Products are now being sold in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, USA and UK.  He is looking to expand to more countries in the near future.

The goal of CZ Aqua Products is to help all fish hobbyists have healthy pets.  No matter what problems or diseases that may develop, we strive to help make fish keeping fun and easy.

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